1. Leo Greenfield - featured artist of the Textile & Fashion Hub - has a passion for illustration - he is his own camera. His drawings concentrate on illustrating from memory the ever-changing space of street life and culture.

    On paper Leo expresses the silhouette and patterns of contemporary dress, creating intimate social portraits of people, places and their communities. This drawing process, honed on the streets of Melbourne, has taken Leo across Japan and especially to France to report from Paris Fashion Week.

    Working as a freelance artist and illustrator, Leo uses blogs and social media to share his drawings and collaborative projects. Daily updates of illustrations can be found on his blog at www.leogreenfield.com.


    What do you love about fashion?

    Fashion to me is an exciting visual language, another way we communicate within our communities. I find it fascinating as this rich and complex social conversation is always changing and on the move.

    How come you’re involved with the Textile & Fashion Hub?

    I came to be involved through my exhibition projects in Melbourne and my online illustration project www.leogreenfield.com. TFIA discovered my work, encouraged me greatly and later invited me to create images for the Hub and its website. After visiting the Hub I was inspired by the concept, technologies and opportunities it offered Australian designers.

    Who or what inspires you to create your beautiful images and objects?

    I am inspired greatly by daily life and routine. There is always something to draw, so I always keep my eyes open. The simplest of moments can be full of marvels, or full of inspiring characters.

    Have you got a muse?

    Muses are very important to my art practice. The people who are close to me and who I admire always influence my work. One of my most influential muses is Georgina Tippett, we have worked together since High School. I started off photographing her and we created a number of fashion editorials together, but now I see her in my drawings.

    What was your first thought when you woke up today?

    I wake up and think “Let’s do this!”

    + + +

    See Leo’s work at Textile & Fashion Hub - Unveiled on Friday 30th March when the Hub opens its doors to the public as part of the 2012 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program.

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